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Coriolis Consulting

We merge strategy with its appropriate operational excellence dimensions from the humanprocess-context interface perspective. In a non-linear, almost radical fashion, we focus on its applications for efficiency in the private and public sectors. Our highest level of expertise is in competitiveness as it applies to market positioning, new market entry be it through independent and/or strategic alliance criteria. We guarantee benefits within 6 months.

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Coriolis Brokerage

With our extensive geographical reach and cross-industry network of clients and contacts, we transact in any type of items.
Be these personal or corporate, we develop individual presentation channels that within 3-4 months deliver objectives with leveraged value options for our clients.
Our categories range from luxury goods to commodities and general stand-alone properties, airplanes, companies and businesses.

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Coriolis Trading

We trade differently!
Rather than acting as an intermediary, we connect the buyer with the seller directly and remain as their bridge for any aspects that they cannot or don’t want to deal between them. In this way, each party can make decisions based on direct, undiluted and concrete information from each other. We reach trading agreements up to 5 years.

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